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Merino Toe Socks, Quarter Crew


Merino Toe socks, Crew Length


5 Reasons Why Creepers are The Best

1. Fewer Blisters 🩹

(No more skin-on-skin action!)

Seamless, low profile toe sleeves made with our unique low friction yarn reduces heat, moisture and friction, creating the ultimate anti-blister socks.

And, they don't take up any extra space in your shoes. Creepers toe socks are Win-win.

2. No More Sweaty & Hot feet 🔥

(Goodbye smelly feet)

Merino wool in anti-bacterial and fantastic at drawing moisture away from the skin.

Our merino bland fabric is more breathable, faster drying and can be worn for longer and washed less often.

3. Natural Toe Alignment 🦶🏼

(No more squished toes)

Rather than an elasticated tube (regular socks) pulling your toes together, Creepers let your toes do their thing, naturally.

And the best thing? Our light, seamless and soft toe sleeves are so good you'll forget they're there!

4. Creepers fit like a glove 👌🏼

(No more foot-mittens)

Function-first toe socks that match and work WITH your feet.

Ditch regular socks that are an afterthought. Simply a barrier between foot and shoe.

Creepers toe socks are made for full foot function, freedom and form.

5. Comfort, Durability & Performance

(The perfect marriage)

Our unique blended performance yarn, breathable stitch and lightweight socks are made with the most challenging adventures in mind. and have been tried and proven on over 20,000 feet.

✔️ Fewer Blisters
✔️ Faster Drying
✔️ Moisture Wicking
✔️ Temperature Regulating
✔️ Less Small & Anti-Bactarial
✔️ All day comfort & Snug Fit

Run, hike, walk, bike and roam.

The socks for all day, everyday.

4.7/5 rating - 1200+ reviews

Loved by thousands

5/5 rating

“...I drink a lot of water but never thought I was dehydrated until I started drinking hydrant... I'm blown away and really happy with the results!



Apple Cider

5/5 rating

“I was skeptical at first, but I now drink Hydrant first thing every morning as part of my daily routine. I love that it hydrates me and gives me enough caffeine to give me the boost I need!



Raspberry Lemonade

5/5 rating

"No heavy sugary taste, yummy flavors and instantly feel the hydration effects!”

Leyandra O.


Verified Trail Junkies 👇🏼

Verified Trail Junkies 👇🏼

"Gave my Creepers crew socks the ultimate test doing the Tarawera Miler last week and they were so good! Super comfortable for hours on end and blister free!"

M Johnson.

Verified Buyer

"...I run daily, and races up to 100 miles. They can keep you warm when it’s cold, or regulate your heat in warmer runs. When the socks get wet, they are great at wicking that water off to keep your feet from being sloshy...”

Ben S

Verified Buyer

"I've tried Steigen, Thorlo, Icebreaker, et.al and truly, nothing compares to Creepers. They feel great, don't stink, and I'm running blister free with toes that are free to spread. Bless, bless, bless!”


Verified Buyer

“...I put them on for a 100 mile trail run in mid January in Florida, USA, called the Long Haul 100. Trail conditions were **** (total mud) and I didn't have time to really change socks anyway so I kept these on the whole 30 hours. I liked them a lot...They are the softest merino wool I have ever felt!...”


Verified Buyer

My wife, daughter and I recently trekked for 8 days to the top of Kilimanjaro in support of childhood cancer research. We wore creepers every day with no liners. Zero blisters for all 3 of us. Game Changers!

Andrew L.

Verified Buyer