Better Foot Health

Amazing moisture wicking, breathability & low friction fibers for blister-busting, smell reducing, dry & functional sock for any adventure

Sustainable Focus

Natural Merino yarn is the largest component in our toe socks and we ensure all packaging and labels are 100% recyclable or compostable

Performance Driven

First and foremost we strive for comfort and performance. Relentlessly designed and tested in Canterbury, New Zealand, by runners, hikers and health professionals.

Performance Features

  • Ultra-fine Merino

    Merino yarn absorbs up to 30% of it's weight, keeping your feet dry. This wonder-fiber also has a lower friction coefficient that traditional petroleum based fibers, combining to keep you dry, comfortable and blister free

  • Toe Sleeves

    Let your toes stay aligned, blister free, healthy and dry with separate, moisture wicking and seamless toe sleeves.

  • Secure

    Secure ankle cuffs made for the outdoors. A wide band sitting well above the ankle bones, leaves no gaps for debris to into your sock. Our elastic arch wrap further enhances fit and comfort to reduce slippage and hug your foot.

  • Temperature regulation

    The breathable mesh upper in our socks means less weight as well as enhanced breathability and temperature regulation.

Tread lightely

Merino wool is not only a super fibre, giving you unparalleled performance in a range of conditions - it also means your socks have less environmental impact.

Explore in comfort

Go longer with Creepers toe socks. Our design and components mean less blisters, smelly feet and sweat than conventional socks while having fantastic temperature regulation.


Fully utilise your feet.

Toe socks allow your feet and toes to feel, grip and wriggle optimally and propel your foreward, whether you're exploring or during your morning commute