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Let's start with the why. Why creepers and why Toe socks

Foot comfort and performance is our why. Allowing our feet to perform at their best while being super comfortable, day in, day out is the start middle and end in why Shaun has created Creepers.

Not everyone likes feet. They're odd shaped, sometimes smelly, sometimes furry, short or long toed creations.

And that's fine. You don't have to love feet.

Fortunately for your feet though, at Creepers, we are big fans of what feet do for us and their amazing feats they perform, whether we are at the gym or exploring the mountain tops. We realize and appreciate the importance of allowing good foot function and not hindering and inhibiting our unappreciated workhorses.

They our connection to the earth that help feedback every contour, texture and pebble we stand on. They transfer force while also rolling with the punches. They provide proprioception and balance and so much more.

They shock absorb and take the weight of our body. They have 26 bones and over 100 ligaments!

So why, oh why, do we so often embark on adventures, a day at work or the odd yoga session in socks that alter and restrict that? Socks that are like shapeless sleeves for your feet, that simply aren't shaped like our feet.

Creepers was brought to life to give you the opportunity to ditch the foot sleeves of old and embrace socks that are simply better.

Creepers merino toe socks tick all of the boxes for the problems we wanted to solve when we set out to re-create the perfect sock:

These main goals were:

    • To reduce clammy toes but also reduce toe friction blisters on long runs
    • To avoid irritation from poorly sewn socks with chunky seams
    • To avoid compression on the achilles and eliminate gaps for debris to get in our socks
    • To decrease the reliance on petroleum based fibres and utilise natural fibres

We are stoked to have been able to fit so much into one sock and create a brand that does one thing well - creating the ultimate performance sock that is perfect for any adventure. We aren't saying that they are perfect, or the best, but we are certainly striving for it and would love your feedback.

So become a creeper. Join the foot revolution and free your feet.

Our Founder

Shaun Clark, is the founder of Creepers and generally a big fan of toe socks.

He is a physiotherapist, based in Canterbury, New Zealand with a love of the outdoors and trail running.

He found that toe socks solved the problem of sweaty, itchy toes during a work day as well as helping prevent blisters on his toes on longer runs. After years of trialing different brands and none quite ticking all the boxes of his ideal performance + everyday sock, he decided to commit to designing and producing his own socks.

Simply functional socks that don't limit your feet's natural function.

Shaun Clark
Shaun Clark