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Put your feet first, with ultra comfortable Merino Toe Socks


Feel the Benefits

Reduce the Rub

Toe socks stop skin-on-skin contact with low friction merino toe sleeves that allow natural toe splaying and stop blisters, redness and hot spots.


Let your feet breathe in second skin. Socks that stay in place, stay up and work perfectly with your feet, without restriction.

Hot and Moist?

Creepers create the ideal environment that ensures a dry-feel and just the right temperature thatnks to merino yarn and high quality, breathable stitching.

No More Toe-Chafe

The old standard

A compressive sleeve surrounding your toes increases pressure, skin on skin contact, reduces breathability and increases moisture.

The new standard

Optimises toe splay and movement, maintaining full ground contact and grip. A foot-first approach for full function, feel and health.

No blisters, moisture, irritation or drawn-together toes. Free your feet today.

Merino Wool. The Super Fiber

Not too hot, not too cold.

Light and Breathable.

Soft and Strong.

Dry Feel.

Nature has put Merino Wool through the ultimate test and it's come out trumps.

All of our wool yarn is sourced from suppliers with Responsible Wool Standard certification.

Light and Free

Venture further, in comfort.

Full foot feel and the ideal foot environments.

There the perfect sock to hide away in your shoes for any adventure.

Run, walk, jog, climb and explore.

Get free. Get comfortable. Get some Creepers on your feet.

3 Reasons Runners are Choosing Toe Socks

Choosing the best socks for your running adventures can be tough... yarn type, style, color, length and so much more!

If you're anything like me, you've come to the decision that comfort and performance come become before looks and fashion, right?

That's a main reason why so many runners and hikers and choosing performance toe socks. Learn the Top 3 reasons Toe Socks dominate your standard shapeless sleeves...

3 reasons runners are choosing toe socks

Why Toe Socks?

We've all had those days where our feet just suffer. They get itchy, sweaty and sore between your toes and we thought, how can we fix it? How can we increase breathability, let our toes splay - this could solve so many issues!

From blisters on epic adventures so athletes feet or bunion formation with day to day life. Letting your toes splay and function how they like and adding in more airflow is a game changer and that exactly what toe socks accomplish.

Toe socks are transformational in foot comfort and function. It's one of those things where if you know, you know... and if you haven't tried them, well we can tell you with 100% confidence that you are missing out on game changing socks.

Just check out our reviews on our product page, these are not just another sock, another brand and they aren't just like other toe socks. Our Merino socks are on another level.