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5 Reasons Why Thousands of Runners are Hitting the Trails With Creepers Merino Toe Socks

Runners and hikers everywhere are ditching their regular socks for healthier, blister-busting more comfortable, merino wool toe socks.

900+ 5 Star Reviews & 10,000+ Happy Feet

1. The Lowest Friction.

Our unique performance yarn with 50% ultra-fine Australian Merino wool gives you the natural super powers of Merino in a low bulk, lightweight sock of unrivalled abilities. Moisture wicking, fast drying, unbelievably soft and with a proven, low friction coefficient. Have more fun on the trails, with fewer blisters and more foot comfort.

 "...creepers are by far the best toe socks I have tried, they are more comfortable, more odor resistant, warmer, and easier to put on, i never have to worry about blisters, and they are longer lasting than other brands of socks." 

- D Kyle  

2. Zero Skin-On-Skin Rubbing

Seamless, lightweight and moisture wicking sleeves for each toe that feel like they aren't even there. No more skin on skin rubbing or cramped up toes, giving you the freedom to run or hike with fewer blisters and optimized foot function, feel and movement. Combine these with wide toe box shoes and you'll be floating over the trails like never before

3. Perfect in Heat or the Cold Depths of Winter.

Our unique lightweight and breathable stitch design leaves no bulk, no bunching and works with your skin to regulate moisture and temperature. Creepers actively help maintain homeostasis for the the perfect foot conditions on any adventure. From hot 100℉ days to an Antarctic blizzard, these socks have performed and delivered.

"The socks are super soft and comfortable and have been fine to wear during a 40°C Australian summers day."

- Jodie 

"I've been searching for good toe socks for ages and found many made my feet so hot. The Creepers socks keep my feet cool, comfortable and blister free. "

- M Rodger

4. Support and Flexibility for All Day Fit

After 2 years of development, these socks are 100% adventure ready with technical features to keep you comfortable through streams and and the toughest downhill scrambles. With a secure upper cuff, a secure arch band and light compression throughout, you'll have all the support you need, without having to stop and adjust your fit.

5. Dry and Comfortable All Day

Merino yarn is not only soft, low friction and sustainable. Nope, it also absorbs up to 30% of it's weight into it's core while maintaining a dry-as-a-bone outer for that all day dry-skin feel. The kicker? Merino dries faster than synthetic yarns, making it the perfect match for mud, sweat and multiple river crossings.

"It’s as if the foot part is a light compression so the socks stay in place and my feet don’t “swim” in the socks. Other brands stretched more so felt too loose unless washed daily.
I don’t need to wash creepers daily! Merino keeps them smell free. In fact I just bought new ski boots and creeper crew sock is now my ski sock too!"
- M Garden  

Tried and Trusted Over Thousands of Miles

With 200+ 5 star reviews, these socks have walked the talk. Physiotherapist designed and then ruthlessly tested in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Creepers merino toe socks have now been tested around the world on arduous through-hikes, brutal ultramarathons, and even the 100 mile Western States Endurance Run - without a change of socks.

What Real Trail Junkies Say.

"Gave my Creepers crew socks the ultimate test doing the Tarawera Miler last week and they were so good! Super comfortable for hours on end and blister free! Will definitely buy more and wear for my next ultra."

M Johnson.

Verified Buyer

They're literally my go to for everything now. Hikes, runs, everyday wear...feel bad for all my injinjis just sitting my closet now haha.